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Diesel and Death is a small and fun game that will make your day a more entertaining one. There are many motorcycling games on the market, but most of them are made in high resolution and require a lot of system resources. Diesel and Death is not one of them. Diesel and Death is a small game which does not require a lot of system resources and you can play it at the office in a small break for recreation. Diesel and Death is captivating, as you are racing against the computer. On the track you will find different crates that contain weapons like flame thrower or nail gun that can be used against the opponent. When you use the guns on the opponent, you have a chance to destroy his motorcycle and you will automatically win the race. In these crates you can also find sludge that will slow down the opponent, speed boosters or a shield that you can use in case the opponent uses weapons on you. If the computer player succeeds to destroy your bike, it wins the race. Diesel and Death has more stages and you can go through each one by winning the races. If you lose a race you will have to start from the first stage. The tracks aren't the usual type that you would expect from a race game. The ground areas are uneven with many hillocks. Diesel and Death is a captivating game that will help you relax and take a break from the daily routine.

Systems: Windows

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